Apa Yang Menghalangi Anda Untuk Maju?

Too many people I found got stuck in their life, business or simply being not satisfied with their current situations. Things are not going their way and it feels everything is going against them. Have you ever felt this way? Probably, in some sort of way, we all experience glitches and hiccups in life and what’s holding many of us back is that the ability to ask the right questions.

Asking the right question means you need to narrow down your questions because sometimes you will be asked questions, in your business or personal life, that are so general you’ll find them almost impossible to answer. A typical question that we all get to ask is, ‘what do you want?’. Have you been asked this? Have you ever felt frustrated and inadequate because you don’t have an instant answer, or because the replies that do come up to mind seem superficial.

Rather than a general question about what you want, imagine you had been asked, for example, more specific questions, such as :

Do you plan to have your own business or own a job?

What car do you like? Any particular brand and make?

How much profit do you want to make this year?

What is your #1 challenge in your business right now?

I will guarantee as you ask more specific questions you will get a more productive answer and in turn will lead you to achieve better results in your business, life or career.

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