Apakah Bisnis Anda Dipengaruhi Oleh Masa Lampau Anda?

Too many people think, talk and discuss about the past and ultimately their decisions are influenced by the past. During my encounter with hundreds and thousands of business owners, most of them brag so much about the past that they forget they need to focus in the present and set goals for the future. When you spend too much time in the past and not enough in the present then it will affect the way you run the company hence the results.

Some of the factors that cause you to focus on the past can be past failures, past wins, fear, or comfort zone, etc. Your organizations are often limited by your own self-imposed limitations or fixed positions that prevent taking action or producing bottom-line results. Take a look at your current business results, in what area you are not satisfied with? In what way do you contribute to that situation?

At times, by not having a clear business goals, you will get drifted and sidetracked hence vulnerable towards external changes. In addition, it is what you don’t know in business that will cost your business to produce the results you want. How do you breakthrough? Can you do it by yourself? The answer is No, otherwise there will be more successful, or rich people than those who struggle getting through life. Statistic says that only 3% of the population that has written goals and follow through on them and 90% of the wealth is controlled by these people.That’s the harsh reality in life though, when you choose to be complacent then you will become mediocre and ordinary. Do you want to be an EXTRAORDINARY business leader?

Here’s why it is absolutely critical having a GREAT business coach by your side because my role is to discover what your passion in the business and personal life and align them to produce massive results.
I will always STANDS in the The FUTURE that you want to create and is totally committed to your success.

Here’s some empowering questions about your business:

1/ What do you want out of your business? And why you pick that one?

2/ What are you willing to give up in order to get your goals?

3/ Are you running your business or is it running you?

4/ What would your employees say about your leadership?